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7/31/2011: Veronica has created an entire series of forced fem animated and subliminal hypno videos for sissies, available for sale at Clips4Sale!

Check out some of the enticing options below!


3/2/2011: Veronica has created a new video series, "Burning Wig"! You'll find a link to Burning Wig, and one for "Diary of a Pervert," on the Video page!

Over 40 incredible products have been added to the store, Veronica Vinyl's Kinky Couture! The latest shirts, mousepads, and totebags feature one of Veronica's most popular works -- the Black Widow in Ballet Boots (you can see her in Fetish and Erotica Gallery One). This piece was one of two by Veronica Vinyl to be featured in the prestigious international erotic art book, "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today."

The second piece, Dark Mermaid, will be added to both the site and the store soon, so be sure to check back!

2/24/2011: LOTS of new and exciting things happening with Veronica! First and foremost, we're delighted to announce the grand opening of Veronica Vinyl's Kinky Couture, our official store. This is the only place to find original Veronica Vinyl art on all kinds of goodies, from t-shirts to mousepads and totebags. The shopping starts now!

ALSO: The galleries now feature the "Gimme" crown on select images. Clicking the Gimme button takes you right to that particular image's page in the store. If you like what you see, click!

ALSO: Several new beautiful works have been added to the art gallery! They are:

All of the new pieces are available in the store. Two of Veronica's earlier works, a portrait of Mistress Alexia Jordon, and another of Mistress Porsche Lynn, are also available.

1/24/2011: New "Diary of a Pervert" episode on Veronica's video page! Be sure to see all of the episodes of "Diary of a Pervert", simply by scrolling down the page... and follow the link to Veronica's YouTube channel!

ALSO: Veronica's Twitter feed is now on the home and contact pages -- check it out! Click here to follow Veronica on Twitter!

ALSO: The Bio has been updated, including a gorgeous pic of Mistress Alexia Jordon.

1/09/2011: New video page added! Be sure to see all of the episodes of "Diary of a Pervert"... and follow the link to Veronica's YouTube channel, and even more great videos!
1/08/2011: The website upgrade is complete! We hope you'll enjoy the new, easier-to-navigate site, and especially the upgrades to the Art sections. Stay tuned -- the new store is next!
12/27/2010: The website upgrade has begun! Some pages will look a little funny as we go through this process, but bear with us! The site is about to get a lot more user friendly and fun. And premiering January 31st will be the new Veronica Vinyl store, where you can slather Veronica-ness all over your body, your desk, and anyplace else you can stick a t-shirt or coffee cup. Stay tuned!
12/25/2010: A new episode (number 6!) of Diary of a Pervert is on the home page!
12/17/2010: Veronica has been amazingly busy with so many projects. The site has been neglected, and that's about to change. A new site is coming, with LOTS of NEW ART, a store, and Veronica's amazing videos too! See the home page for Veronica's amazing new animated series, "Diary of a Pervert."
EVENTS: Meet Veronica Vinyl in person at the DomCon LA 2011, May 18-22! Click here to register for the event of the year!
Publications: One of Veronica's "Mistress" series, a portrait of Mistress Sara Steele, has been featured in the early 2008 issue of Boulevard magazine, including an article about Veronica Vinyl. You can also find Veronica's art in the prestigious Marquis magazine, as well as her publication in the juried annual book publication, "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today." 



























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